How to play

What are the virtues of the „Kugelspiel“?

Playing regularly with the „Kugelspiel“ can improve your
  •  ability to concentrate
  • coordination of fine motor skills
  • emotional balance
  • ability to react fast
  • dexterity

Playing instructions

How is it possible that the ball rolls uphill?


Physical explaination by EXPO Peenemünde (German baltic coast)


You are changing the width of the rail when you open or close the two bars. When you open the two bars, the rolling axis of the ball moves to the ball’s center which means that it’s balance point does so, too.


The ball seems to roll uphill; in fact it is the balance point of the ball which moves lower when you open the two metal bars. This is where the ball gains its energy from to roll uphill.


– How to play –


1.    It is important to have a levelled surface to put the „Kugelspiel“. You can use the ball to check if the surface is levelled. Only use your thumbs to move the bars, rest your other fingers on the wood.

2.    If you play a „tournament“, everyone should play at the same place with the same „Kugelspiel“.

3.    In order to have an easy start, you can put three of the paper coasters below the „Kugelspiel“, on the side where the bars are screwed into the wood. Every time when you manage to score nine points, you can take away ONE of the paper coasters.

         If you want to make the game more difficoult, you can put the paper coasters on      the other side, too.

         (You can also put the paper coasters below the „Kugelspiel“ to play more silently)

4.    ONE SHOT – When the ball is at its highest point, you have to let it fall. Letting it roll back is not allowed. You can play, for example, ten rounds and count the points of each player. If the ball hits the upper wooden end, this means ten points.

5.    SUPER SEVEN – Try to score seven points seven times. You can also try to play one handed (left and right) or even blind.

6.    RACE TO BOTTOM – Try to score, one after the other, the points 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

7.    If you want, try to play five times only with the left bar, then five times only with the right bar.


Hint for the 18-hole version: Play with two balls together. It may be necessary to put up to 5 paper coasters below the side of hole number 1.


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